Sun in the graveyard

  I am terrified of myself.

I have been drawn in another mind

Cut in the spirit and pasted


For some want me to be

Obedient and a model of sacrifice.

Others like me subdued and want me to carry myself 


And yet, others who want me to be

Intelligent and have long hair.

I have been all that and 

Can say that I’ve screwed up.

Because what if I don’t want to be any of that.

The perfect woman. 

I want to learn my sky.

Drink from it.

Make mistakes.

Then burn it. And,

Create another.

I want to be my own person.

People made me learn to look down on myself.

And I did that. 

I made the sin and hence

I sit with the lump in my mouth.


Screams my heart. 


I scream.

The hurricane calmed down.

And I could see the rainbow.  


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